About ChitoGuard™

ChitoGuard™ focuses on the development and production of Military Hemostats and Hospital Hemostats. It is the sub-brand of Qingdao Biotemed Biomaterials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Biotemed)

Biotemed was founded in 2006, is a national high-tech enterprise applying proprietary biomedical technology for R&D, manufacturing and sales of biomaterials and medical devices. The company strategically target the fast-growing therapeutic areas, including hemostasis, wound care, surgical care and tissue engineering.

Our Advantages

More than 100 expert consultants:Medical biomaterials specialists, Marine biotechnology specialists, Clinical medical specialists

Research team:There are nearly 30 employees of doctoral and master degrees Completed 6 national science and technology projects, 1 provincial science and technology project, and a number of municipal science and technology projects; There are 2 national science and technology projects under research. More than 30 products have been successfully developed.

9 authorized national invention patents and 1 international invention patent won many honors such as the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, State Intellectual Property Normal Enterprise, Qingdao "professional, proficient, special, new" medium-sized and small enterprise in 2016

About ChitoGuard™ Military Hemostats

Our Military Hemostats are used in pre-hospital hemostatic scenarios such as regional conflicts, disaster emergency response, and medical assistance. ChitoGuard™ uses bioactive hemostatic materials that work on strong bioadhesion and electrostatic interaction between the positively charged chitosan and the negatively charged blood cells, which can stop the bleeding quickly.

(Image excerpt from the TCCC report)

According to TCCC reports, the Chitosan material products are the third-generation hemostats CoTCCC approved for battlefield use. Compared with chitosan, CM-Chitosan (Carboxymethyl chitosan)has a neutral pH, stronger stickiness to wound tissue, and faster liquid absorption. In addition, it relieves pain and is self-degradable. Therefore, as a hemostat, carboxymethyl chitosan material has obvious advantages over chitosan material. Our Carboxymethyl Chitosan(CM-Chitosan)material products are the third pro-generation hemostatic products.

Applicable fields of the product

Air Force

About ChitoGuard™ Hospital Hemostats

Surgical Fabric

Compared with oxidized cellulose, bioprotein glue and collagen sponge, Surgical Fabric is superior to other hemostatic materials.

Surgical Fabric significantly promotes red blood cell aggregation after contact with blood in vitro. It increases red blood cell sedimentation without changing red blood cell morphology. It can make red blood cells to aggregate and trap red blood cells to form blood clots.

Morphology of red blood cells in
in normal saline
Morphology of red blood cells in the
solution of the Surgical Fabric
0.25% Surgical
Fabric solution
0.50% Surgical
Fabric solution
0.75% Surgical
Fabric solution

Chitosan-based Wound Dressing

Chronic wounds are wounds with specific causes that do not heal after 4 weeks of formal treatment.

Chitosan-based Wound Dressing are used to form a three-dimensional network structure. It can absorb a large amount of exudate at the wound site, forming a viscous gel, which adheres firmly to the wound. It can effectively isolate the undesirable environment and keep the moisture environment at the wound bed. It is conducive to wound healing.

The Chitosan-based Wound Dressing is suitable for the following wounds:
01. Surgical Incisions
02. Pressure Ulcers
03. Oral Ulcers
04. Painful Wounds

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