Hemostatic Gauze (Pad)

The Gauze-Pad is designed for civil emergencies, such as cuts, bumps and other wounds with small area but moderate to severe bleeding. The gauze can be cut and folded into a shape suitable for the wound. When place the Gauze in the wound, the blood will soak the Gauze. Chitosan granules are activated, swell and turn into a thick gel. The gel mass will clog the bleeding vessel, stop bleeding.

Follow-up debridement is simple, and the gauze can be washed off with normal saline.

Applicable scenarios

family emergencies
abrasions injuries / fall injuries
scald wounds / superficial wounds

How to use Hemostatic Gauze (Pad)

1.Open package and take
hemostatic gauze.
2.Tightly stuff the unfold
gauze into wound cavity.
3.Press firmly until
bleeding stops.
4.Leave the gauze in the
wound and bandage.
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