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Surgical Fabric(SURCHI-fibre) —— Controlling bleeding with a Surgical Fabric(SURCHI-fibre) during surgery is quick and efficient. It helps minimise blood loss and allows more efficient use of operating room time. It can be safely degraded in 7-14 days without taking out. Professor Zhang Peihai, chief physician of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, placed Surgical Fabric(SURCHI-fibre) in the wound during surgery, and said that the material could effectively stop bleeding, reduce electrocoagulation, and even reduce suturing.

Chitosan-based Wound Dressing—— Wound care physicians face unique challenges when necrotic and chronic wounds . Many patients treated are using common anti-coagulant drugs making fast, stable clotting more difficult and time consuming. Chitosan-based Wound Dressing is a topical temporary external hemostat that helps rapidly and safely stop bleeding. It is effective for patients using common anti-coagulant drugs.

Surgical Fabric(SURCHI-fibre)
Chitosan-based Wound Dressing
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