Hemostatic Gauze (Z-Fold)

Hemostatic gauze is the most popular means to stop bleeding. The gauze is made of durable viscose. Granules of highly purified chitosan are applied to the surface of the material. Chitosan granules stick to tissue in the wound, improving the gauze’s tamponade effect and controlling blood loss.

When place the Gauze in the wound, the blood will soak the bandage. Chitosan granules are activated, swell and turn into a thick gel. The gel mass will clog the bleeding vessel, stop bleeding.

Features and Advantages

a broad variety of wounds
superficial wounds / deep wounds
arterial bleeding / venous bleeding

How to use Hemostatic Gauze (Z-Fold)

1.Open package and take
hemostatic gauze.
2.Tightly stuff the unfold
gauze into wound cavity.
3.Press firmly until
bleeding stops.
4.Leave the gauze in the
wound and bandage.
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