Hemostatic Granules

Hemostatic Granules is designed to stop lethal bleeding fast. It can be poured directly into the wound. ChitoGuard™ Granules mould to the shape of wound, even in complex shaped injuries. When it makes contact with fluid, chitosan absorbs it, swells and then forms an adhesive gel which then sticks to the tissue around the injury.

ChitoGuard™ apply proprietary biomedical technology to produce Premium Grade (carboxymethyl chitosan),which present better fluid absorbtion ability and better wound bonding ability. It has obvious better effective function than traditional chitosan characteristic all around.

Applicable scenarios

open irregular wounds
puncture or stab wounds
arterial bleeding / venous bleeding
open fracture accompanied by bleeding

How to use Hemostatic Granules

1.Identify the wound site
and clean it quickly
2.Release enough granules
and cover with gauze
3.Apply firm pressure directly
to the wound until bleeding stops
4.Bandage and seek urgent
medical attention
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