Hemostatic Granules (Xquick Plug)

Premium Grade (carboxymethyl chitosan) Granules and Standard Grade(chitosan) Granules are wrapped in a soluble membrane. The membrance is made of Chitosan and CM-Chitosan, which is degradable and can be safely absorbed.

When insert the Xquick Plug into the wound, the membrane outside dissolves in contact with blood, and then the Hemostatic Granules are released. Compared to Applicator, Xquick Plug is more convenient to use on battlefield.

Applicable scenarios

penetrating wounds
knife wounds/shrapnel wounds from blasts
bullet entry wounds
arterial bleeding / venous bleeding

How to use Hemostatic Granules (Xquick Plug)

1.Identify the
penetrating wound.
2.Insert Xquick Plug
into the wound.
3.Cover and apply firm pressure directly to the wound until bleeding stops.
4.Bandage and seek
urgent medical attention.
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